Hero Art Resource

Art Resources, a Bangkok-based family-owned business, was established in 1989.
We specialise in crafting exquisite furniture and home accessories that draw inspiration from the elegant art deco style.


With over 30 years of experience, Art Resources has collaborated with world-renowned interior designers and architects for finest residences and hotels.

Bespoke Service


Our Bespoke services are made to suit the customer's preferences. Our dedicated team will guide you through our selection of materials and work closely with you to create your very own exclusive customised pieces of perfection. These custom pieces will have the same level of quality as our other products whilst being truly custom-made for you.

Refined Designs


Our Designs are inspired by Art Deco style, however remain suitable for any home. With our use of simple geometric and artistic construction, our products exude sophistication with a splash of fun. With a wide selection from brighter colours to more mature pieces for the contemporary home, find an elegant design for you.

Quality Craftsmanship


Each product is meticulously crafted, with extreme attention to detail. After sourcing the finest materials, we take extensive care to construct them into practical pieces that showcase the materials and techniques. The fusion of style and class is evident in all our products.